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                                               God Bless America !



                                                     May 23rd, 2015

                     Welcome to Alzimm Kennels

       Phone: 419-957-0299                   email :
                                   Located near Findlay and Bluffton Ohio

                As always..... Offering Superb Quality, German Shepherd and Field Golden Retrievers.
              Companions with Terrific Temperaments, Great Health Backgrounds, Written Hip/Health
              Guarantees along with Fabulous, early puppy Socializing and lifetime Backup Support .


 Welcome to our Newest Grand Baby, Emmalynn.
 Congratulations big Sissies Bella and Ally !


         Thank you to all of our many Alzimm Puppy families who have joined our Alzimm family
          Our Puppy Reserve page shows how to get on the reserve list for a puppy.

          We have only 1 Golden Shep baby boy available form out litter of 11
         He is calm . laid back, gentle , doing great on house breaking and would be
          perfect for therapy. This is one very smart, loving puppy!

Our pack was checked over by our vet on May 13th and were found to be sound and in good health. This includes or retired pack members.
We don't mind the extra work and expense of keeping our retired fur babies. This proudly sets us apart from most other kennels. Our pack is always family first !

  More current testimonials and pictures will be posted asap.

   Hi Vickie!
I can’t believe it’s been over three years since we saw you and picked up our pup Mason from Kyler and Meisha!  We wanted to pass along a few pictures from our engagement session and wedding in September. Mason is fondly known as our puppy-son and has been the best thing that has ever happened to us!

                      Below: Mason. Thanks Russ and Brooke and Congratulations !


               Below: Jaxson                                                Honey,


                                                                                                                                                   Scarlet, Sweet little Kyler/TJ girl

  Hi Vickie!

Just wanted to give you an update on Scarlett ( TJ and Kyler puppy ). She is truly amazing!! We couldn't be any happier with her :). She went to the beach for the first time this weekend, and couldn't get enough of the waves and digging holes in the sand! She's super happy and healthy and brings a smile to everyone's face! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for letting us be the lucky ones to get to take care of her!


  Karma,Konjo/Keyleyna girl. 10 months old.
   Thanks Sheree. She's lovely!

 4/30 2015: Below is the newest update/testimonial on our Kenley/ Jovina litter a year ago.
These are Scarlet and Koda belonging to Katie and Danielle. Thanks ladies !!
These babies are gorgeous!
We are awaiting our new Kenley/Jovina liter soon. Almost all of the litter is reserved unless we get more puppies planned.

 This is his sister Scarlet-she is much smaller, but healthy and happy too! She gets along great with my sister's older golden as well.(Scarlet is on the left Koda on the right)
What gorgeous babies !!!!
Thanks so much Danielle and Katie !!!

   Hi Vickie!

It's been almost a year since our little Kenley/Jovina boy was born---we named him Koda and my sister named his sister Scarlet.

We cannot imagine life without him. He has been happy and healthy from day 1 and we get compliments on his looks (especially the color and smoothness of his coat!) and personality everyday. He is a silly boy and LOVES playing with tennis balls and swimming in the ocean. It's funny because he loves the water and swimming but bath time is not his favorite. He is beautiful and has grown to already 70 pounds! He is also very smart and loves to learn new tricks.

He also looks a lot like his sister, Scarlet. They get to see each other a couple times a year. They definitely remember each other-and they will spend a week together this July!


                Eddie                                                               ACE                                                          2 Of our handsome past GSD Boys. Thanks Emily and Tim
 Kaiser is getting his official Daddy and new little Sister, Jana in
 May of this Year !

                      Kaiser: Is A very handsome Konjo/Nabiri son. Our Kenja's brother.


Congratulations Tyler and Tammy on your Wedding Celebration !

 Below: One of the beautiful Kyler/Sophie girls, Sophie looking after her new baby brother. Thanks Shellie..They are both gorgeous !

Who says that GSDs can't be Diva's too !

Thanks Lori for your darling Porscha pictures. Porscha ia a Beautiuful Konjo/Furia Girl. She likes the driver's seat !

                                   Alzimm Kennels never ships puppies under any

      Thank you to all of our wonderful puppy families who personally drove to pick up puppies from Ohio and other states including:  Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey,Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin and Kansas. We greatly appreciate your understanding of our no-ship policies , keeping the puppies' well being a priority!                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Alzimm Kennels,Grounds and Home are completely Security Protected 24/7


                                       Looking for "Just a Pet" ?
       Quality comes only with a price. If you are looking for True World Class, Loyalty, Great Hips, Good Health, Intelligence, Excellent Temperament, Breed Standard, Personal Protection, Your Child's best
Friend, Companionship, Life time breeder support, good puppy socialization along with the added benefit of good looks, then our German Shepherds are for you.
                                              The same goes for our Goldens minus the Protection of course.
                           But then there's the Golden Sheps ..............
                 We thank God for our wonderful Military friends including the 4 legged ones too.

 We have an Exceptionally Wonderful Veterinarian.                                          
 We are Happy to give Reference upon Request.

 Congratulations Jody on the Success of all your Hard efforts !!!!!
                            We greatly Love you !!!


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