October 16, 2019


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Above: Our Beautiful new Koli / Hattie litter


Koli/Hattie pups

Home of our Awesome

German shepherds


Golden Retrievers





Why a 3 Breed Kennel?

  We are truly blessed to be able to work with our AKC Purebred German Shepherds and AKC Purebred Field Golden Retrievers and sweet cross bred Goldensheps. Those of you who own both breeds know how lovely they compliment each other.  The Loyalty and protectiveness can't be matched in a good German Shepherd dog  just as the simple love and devotion is untouched in the Golden Retriever.  Those who have a Golden Shep know the gentle, loving watchdogs this awesome cross breeding creates! 


We believe in a Wholesome Holistic Approach

Foods used are as natural and Holistic as possible along with raw and cooked meals. Early Spay/Neuter is not encouraged. Use of Topical or oral Flea meds is not endorsed and we highly suggest researching the risks of any vaccines due to the possible risks of Vaccinosis Before use.


God Bless America and our Troops

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Alzimm Kennels is near Findlay and Bluffton, Ohio

(419) 957-0299 email: Our Kennels and grounds are Security Monitored 24/7