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Past litters Page ( See what puppies look like from our past breedings)

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 Alzimm OFA Certifies Hips and  OFA -C (Cardiac) Certifies most adult Breeding Dogs as we can get them finished.

 OFA Excellent, Good or Fair, Ratings mean that NO Hip Dysplasia was Found.
 Veterinarian Hip Exam and/or  Hip X-Ray is sometimes used Prior to  OFA Certifications

No breeding takes place without our sires and Dames being declared Healthy to breed by our veterinarian of over 14 years now .

Thank you Dr. Rosario ! You are the best !


AKC Puppies will go home with AKC Limited Pet Registration Papers.

Litter pricing

AKC German Shepherd puppies  

900.00  -  1,200  AKC  Limited Pet Registration 

AKC Field Golden Retriever Puppies 

900.00 - 1,200  AKC Limited Pet Registration  


750.00 - 800.00

These are average  prices and may vary on any given litter

Alzimm Reserves the right to hold back first pick male or female from any Litter at any time​​ for any reason

We do the best we can with what Nature provides

Future litters

We are planning future litters of German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Goldensheps

for going home late fall of 2019 to early Winter and next Spring of 2020

Reserves are already gaining interest and deposits have been placed.

2019 litters

New litters Pending

We are also planning a brand new 1st time breeding Goldenshep litter asap when nature allows, Hopefully this exciting brand new litter will be on the way later this Fall or early spring..We will keep you updated as things progress.

Golden Litter Cyrus/Jovina


Pregnancy confirmed

Males  available for reserve

1,000  Limited AKC pet registration 

Puppies will be ready to go home in October

Cyrus has 6 OFA good hips in His 3 generation pedigree

Jovina is OFA Hip certified Fair

Jovina's Sire: Kyler is OFA Good hip certified

GSD Litter Foster / Kenja


Litter has arrived

Ready to go home now

 2 females available to go home now

975.00 Limited AKC pet registration 

Foster and Kenja are OFA Hip Certified and  OFA-C  Heart certified.

We kept one male and female from this fantastic litter for our future breeding program.

Awaiting litters and new litters

GSD Litter Koli/Hattie


Puppies have arrived!

Reserves open for Males and Females 

Picture, August , 2019

Hattie (Shown above) is our Foster/Kenja girl

Foster is OFA hip Certified Fair 

 Kenja is OFA hip Certified Good

Puppies will be ready to go home in early October

1,000 AKC Limited Registration

Koli Hattie litter


All but one was over 1 lb.

These babies are very strong and stunning. Dark red and deep black is in the making here :)

Most males are Reserved

the fine print

 Alzimm Reserves the right to change Prices, Website Policies and Information without notice at any time.​  

Please Note: Signed Contracts, at time of puppy pick up to go home, Supersede any details found on this web site, any previous emails, any previous phone conversations,  or any other website information concerning Alzimm Kennels.

 Alzimm reserves the right to refuse placement of a puppy or to cancel a pending placement at any time if we feel the placement is not in the best interest of the puppy.    

Website information is subject to change without notice.  

Please direct any questions to me, Vickie. I am a Hobby Breeder. the sole proprietor of Alzimm working hard to enrich the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd breeds for family life and companionship. However, my Hubby, Kids and Grandchildren and special friends love to hang around and help out , donating their labors of love. 

Alzimm does not breed any Goldens that have any known "Gold Rush" lines in their pedigrees 

Alzimm does not breed half or all "working lines" GSds. They are not the best choice for average families to handle.  

Alzimm German Shepherds are predominately of older West German Show Line Background.  

Do not expect us to answer any phone call with a blocked, restricted or unavailable number