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 We are greatly humbled and honored to be able to rightfully state that none of our breeding dogs (German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers) here at Alzimm, Have ever had Any Genetic/Congenital Issues with Cancer, Liver, Eyes. Heart, Teeth ( Dental Diseases or bite ), HD (Hip Dysplasia), Elbow Dysplasia, Lung issues, Coat Issues , HU (Hyperuricosuria (HUU) means elevated levels of uric acid in the urine that can form stones in their bladders or sometimes kidneys, Thyroid, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), EPI ( Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) or PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) 


 We believe in a Holistic approach to puppy raising and dog maintenance using Unrefined Cold pressed Coconut oil, Raw natural Honey, Food Grade DE and the natural Human food grade Nuvet plus Supplements and most of all, Holistic, Dog food. We also believe in partial raw feeding and home cooked foods and treats. 

Flea meds

 We do not use any Topical or Oral Flea meds on our kennel dogs or puppies and we have never had any fleas or ticks on any of them. Flea meds put poisons and pesticides in  pet's systems which can cause damage to your pet such as Seizures  and even death. We also do not over Vaccinate which runs a high risk of Vaccinosis, Liver damage, Neurological issues or even death. 

health and nature Dictates breeding

Breedings do not  take place here without full consideration being given to Mommas and Babies along with consultations  with our Expert, Licensed Veterinarian who has approved our dogs Healthy to breed. 

 Alzimm Hip X-Rays and/or OFA Hip Certifies Breeding Dogs  as we get them done.  OFA Certificates Are Shown during puppy pick up  ​                     

  (Veterinarian Hip Exam or Hip X-Ray may be used Prior to or instead of OFA Certification) 

No shipping of puppies...Ever !!!

 Puppies never leave Alzimm Kennels without you first getting to see the puppy, parents and our kennel. We do not condone or believe in purchasing puppies sight unseen, thus one of our many Reasons  for NEVER shipping ANY puppy. 

We also never meet anyone at another location to place a puppy. 

When decisions must be made, what is best for our dogs and puppies and what is best for your dogs and puppies come first, no exceptions are considered.  

We are here for the lifetime of your dog and puppy to support and advise as we can.  

Why we have puppy purchase contract requirements

 Reasons for Having Puppy Purchase Requirements We realize that many factors are involved in helping to provide you with the happiest, healthiest puppy possible. We also realize that how a puppy is treated, exercised, fed, socialized, vetted goes right along with helping to cause or prevent issues with or with out a genetic basis. After many long hours of research, talking with vets and breeders and raising many puppies , We came to the conclusion that what is asked for in our contracts is the best possible chance for your puppy's good start and hopefully living longer. Of course we are always available to help with advise for any issues or questions you may have for your puppy's lifetime. 

OFA...DNA Testing....Rescue etc


Alzimm is Humbly Proud to be holding a 99% Success rate on our puppies.

Alzimm OFA Certifies Hips and  OFA -C (Cardiac) Certifies most adult Breeding Dogs as we can get them finished.

 OFA Excellent, Good or Fair, Ratings mean that NO Hip Dysplasia was Found. Veterinarian Hip Exam and/or  Hip X-Ray is sometimes used Prior or instead of  OFA Certifications

                A word of caution about multiple DNA health testing

Please research and realize that this is NOT a perfect science and many false negative and false positive readings can come of it. They also can not detect most genetic serious issues that are really important to know. 

Our veterinarian checks all adult eyes and our breeding dogs have never had a Genetic or Congenital Eye Issue. 

            Cancer has never been found in any of our Breeding dogs.

We keep as many retired dogs or place a few with people we trust which helps in tracking health and longevity. Our breeding pack lifespans reach up to 12.5 years of age and over.

                                        About those  """ Genetics """

A "genetic" issue will almost always show up in every litter, average being 1 in 4 puppies ...... We have never had anything like that happen, Ever.

Do know that Common health issues seen in many dogs can be caused other  than by Genetics such as:   

Environment....Water conditions........feeding wrong foods...Feeding foods (especially grain free ) with heavy amounts of legumes (which can cause hormonal issues) Legumes also rob from the amount of necessary meat protein in a food.......lack of raw feeding..... use of topical and oral flea and heart worm  meds ( which contain Pesticides and /or rat Poison)....... over vaccinating ( Vaccinosis)....Yard chemicals....... Condition of development....... 

And most of all ...EARLY SPAY NEUTER ! ( Raises Cancer and hip Dysplasia risks by up to 75%)

(Issues can also be caused by a combination of any of these factors)

             This leaves  the only Tested, Tried and True Method , 

for hoping for the most, healthy puppies possible, to be, Keeping the breeding pack healthy, past breeding records, tracking retired breeding dogs and collecting data on any issues that may occur in puppies     ( while trying to find out what could have  happened) along with proper feeding and management of breeding dogs and starting puppies off in the right direction.

                                      About that " Rescue" thing

Alzimm fully supports Reputable Rescuing, Reputable Breeders and Reputable dog owners.

Please remember that rescue can be a very good thing but also a very bad thing: It's a 50/50 gamble at the least

You do not get Parentage knowledge, Pedigree background

You also usually do not get to know or meet the parents

No background health information or screening or testing records at all 

How the breeding dogs and puppies were fed, taken care of, socialized or lack of, etc.

Temperament background ( the most important of all)

Early spay neuter in all puppies that can cause High risk of cancer and Hip Dysplasia ( up to 75% risk) along with juvenile temperament issues for life.

Do realize that most animals placed in Rescues are from poor management of owners and or unreputable breeders, puppy mills or the rescue not being honest about the puppies and dogs they place. Thank you Judith G. for you and your Mother's 23 years plus ( Hands on) rescue knowledge and for  helping us to understand these important things.

Did you know that many " Rescues" are being brought in from other countries causing a serious health risk for all of our pets, breeding dogs, etc? 

A new form of Distemper has been recently found in Canada from imported rescue dogs.

Please do research and really learn about what all is involved with a puppy or dog Before you get one. 

Do also know that if rescue is your choice, go for it.

If a breeder puppy is your choice, go for it. 

Other people love to give their opinions but they will not be the ones who will be responsible to care for and provide for your fur baby.

You have the right to choose and not be harassed by anyone about either choice you make.  


Renney's Story (Puppy's name was changed)

    Renney was born here from 2 excellent breeding dogs who to this day, have no health issues.

     He is shown to the right being held by my grand daughter just before going home, happy and healthy.

     He left here to go home at 12 weeks of age, having had 3 Licensed veterinarian exams, proper shots and being in good health.

   4 weeks later, I received a phone call that Renney was in an emergency hospital showing possible signs of liver issues.

On talking with his owner, I was told he had been being fed 1/2 cup of food 2 times per day since she took him home. That was only 1 cup per day total !!! 

(FYI: Our puppies here eat an average of 3-4 cups a day, in 3 feedings at that age and weight) I was also told he had been vomiting fluid which is a huge indicator of being severely underfed ! 

     I became quite upset and told the owner that he was being starved and that the fluid was stomach bile from being over hungry. On top of that, I saw upon receipt of his medical records the following:

1) No diagnoses was made ( he had a SUSPECTED Liver issue)

2) He had been given a Rabies vaccine 10 days prior to the phone call by her veterinarian, which should have Never been done. It appears that he had Vaccinosis from the shot and from being underfed which can damage the liver permanently and mimic a Liver Shunt. This was confirmed by our Licensed veterinarian.

3) Per his veterinarian records provided to me, Renney had only gained 4 ounces in the 4 weeks she had him. This is totally unacceptable and I should have been notified there was a potential problem from the moment she saw one.

As a remedy, I asked for the puppy to be returned so I and my veterinarian could help him and watch how he went from there. I also offered her puppy money back or any puppy of her choice, even a higher priced one and tried to work with her on an amicable solution. All to NO Avail !!!

She demanded her money back, keep the puppy and for me  to pay all vet bills. Now remember, she NEVER contacted me with any complaints of any issues until 4 weeks after Renney was taken home and was in the hospital.

   Instead of working with me on Renney's best interest, she decided to try to publicly destroy this kennel, making illogical, unproven statements about the pack here and also by drawing her own conclusions as to my selling practices which were completely unsubstantiated. To purposefully try to destroy PROVEN Healthy breeding dogs and a kennel, with years of sacrifice and hard work, is very sad, to say the least. Things happen, Life is not perfect, No one can ever """Guarantee""" that something will not go wrong. But to make public false accusations and determinations based on incorrect statements and incomplete facts is an atrocity, especially when I tried to remedy the situation in a logical and fair way.

In almost 13 years of raising puppies, I have never had another case, like this one, which confirms it is not a genetic issue but is one of development, (per agreement by my veterinarian) I have the paperwork confirming all this which I can gladly show when you visit to get your new puppy.

This has caused a contract change with me being able to require a puppy to be returned should a dispute arise. I hope I never have to request one to be returned again.

Please research Vaccinosis and also what underfeeding a growing puppy can do.

Thank you for understanding,



Hip Displasia

1) Not all HD is Genetic or Congenital only. It can also be environmental, foods fed, injuries and more. 

2) HD can also be brought on by a combination of many different factors outside of genetics.

 3) HD can happen when puppy is allowed to become overweight, be injured, rammed into by other pets or kids, causing undue stress on growing ligaments. etc The loosened Ligaments allow the Ball to slide away from the socket causing wear and HD    

Early spay neuter

Studies show that early spay/neuter can raise risks of Hip Dysplasia and Cancers up to 75% higher


Please research BEFORE vaccination ! 

Dr. Karen Becker has a lot of information to research concerning this issue and many others with pets. She can be found with simple internet search.

alzimm kennel breeding - puppy raising information

 1)   Provides  love and proper care from pre-birth to go home time

 2)  Feeds adults and puppies correctly using high quality foods and raw foods. 

 3)  Adults and puppies are vet checked along with proper de-worming, parasite preventatives, appropriate shots 

4)  Houses Moms and Babies in Heated, Air conditioned  Nursery rooms and Adults in spacious, clean, inside kennel with connected, outside runs

5)   Provides a safe, fenced area for exercise and kennel protection, Does not promote electronic collars.

6)   Will not ship any puppy or deliver a puppy away from our grounds

7)   Will be happy to answer questions and give advise when asked, for puppy's life time 

8)  Makes sure all our breeding adults are Health approved for breeding by our highly qualified licensed veterinarian 

9)  Understands pedigrees and what breeding traits to match for the best puppies possible

10)  Provides AKC Limited Pet Registration papers (for AKC litters) when puppy goes home. (Alzimm Does Not hold back AKC papers or use force spay/neuter contracts) 

11)  Encourages spay/neuter at a proper, closer to mature age (at 18 to 24 Months of age) not young puppies. 

11)  Does not encourage visitors until puppies have had first shots and vet check 

12)  Invites visitors to see the parents and their living areas when getting their puppy.

13)  Breeds for puppies following suggested conformation guidelines, great temperaments and the best health possible. 

14) Refuses to place a puppy in a home not deemed proper 

15)  Flatly refuses to ever knowingly sell any puppy to a pet store, puppy mill, back yard breeder, flipper or broker 

16)  Keeps health and safety of adults and puppies first 

17)  Breeding for quality family pets, while producing puppies with a diversity of potential.

18) Never farms females out under the guise of "fostering" to USE them for our breeding, benefit at a later date when convenient.