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 Best Breed : Our base Food we feed here.

2017, 2018, 2019 - Whole Dog journal Approved

We personally love this food as it blends beautifully
with ​other foods, Cooked meals and raw feeding .

This great food is non gluten, has no hormones,
no chemicals and is totally GMO free !!!

 Puppies go home eating Best Breed Puppy    

It can be found on  if you can't find it locally.

recommended foods


The foods listed below are totally acceptable for feeding under our purchase Contracts And we use many of them Ourselves ! 
They  do not have any Wheat,  Corn, Soy, by-products, or harmful chemicals. 
They are also for all life stages being excellent for puppies through old age. 

There is no need to feed or not feed puppies puppy food after 4- 6 months of age 

 if using foods for all life stages and/or growth Such as  Best breed puppy,

We use the Best breed puppy, Best Breed Salmon, Best Breed Lamb and Fish, and Best Breed Working. 

The Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete is labeled for maintenance due to the higher fat content but is an excellent 5 start rated food by AFCO Dog Food Advisor. We use it at any life stage with excellent results.

We also recommend the following foods:

 Zignature Turkey ( completely safe if  it is not the only food fed) Stella and Chewie's Beef raw coated kibble, Diamond naturals Adult Chicken and Rice.  ( Shown further below on this page)

All foods Listed are excellent for your puppy /Dog 

More food information

 Learn to know dog food ingredients, labels and red flags about a variety of foods that manufacturers, breeders and even many veterinarians recommend.  It will pay off in the end.

Below: We have listed important key words to look for in searching for a quality dog food

All Natural, Human Grade,  EU approved ingredients, Hormone -Free, Antibiotic-Free, No By-Products, Non GMO Grains, No Fillers, No Harmful Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Additives, Natural Antioxidents, USDA Inspected, Specific Meats and Meals (As first ingredients).
Specific Named, Fats and oils, ( example, Flax seed oil )  (Example, Chicken Fat)
Natural Preservatives such as: Tocopherals,(Vitamin E), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
lactobacillus acidophilus, bacillus subtillis, ( Digestive Enzymes)
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, For bones and joint Health
Omega 3 and Omega 6 

Know a good food to feed

                                          A NOTE ABOUT GRAIN FREE

Some quality Grain free food incorporated into a variety diet is not a bad thing. However we are not proponents of feeding a total grain free diet. Legumes make up major part of the protein in the Grain free diet. This legume protein is not sufficient for the protein a dog needs. A dog needs protein from meat. Grain free foods carry High phytoestrogens, not a good thing. A little does no harm but a lot surely can.

The whole key here is meat protein and fat. Ingredients such as peas, potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, potatoes, white and sweet potatoes, etc are not recommended.

As for meat, quality meat meal is way higher in protein than just meat

How to know a Good, Acceptable  food to feed 

Foods fed must be free of Corn, Wheat, Soy, and Bi-products,

(Any foods that fall under this category the listed catagories are acceptable under our purchase contract). However, try to stay away from  an over use of sweet or white potato.

Raw is always a Superb Food as Nature intended


We can help you with easy suggestions to follow.

Did you ever see a Wolf Grilling out or buying kibble at a store? 

Kind of silly isn't it?

It is reasonable and economical to feed raw or partial raw right from your local butcher shop or store. 

We can help you learn how. Just ask.

Our Puppies go Home eating Best Breed Puppy


               The best food to start Puppies on                                       It works !!!

If it's not in your area, carries it.

Nu Vet Plus Tablets....Chosen by wise breeders. loved by pets


All natural and completely safe for your pet along with a fantastic guarantee from Nu Vet..  We regularly use Nu Vet Plus here at Alzimm and like the results so well that we incorporate the use of Nu Vet Plus into our puppy Purchase Contract.   

Details/To Order:  Or Call 800 474-7044 to order and use Code # 58617  Your pet will Thank You for it  ! 

 Nu Vet Joint is Fantastic if puppy injures patellas and is Also Highly recommended. 

Nu vet joint is superb at helping Joints and bones to grow. Helps prevent many not needed surgeries!

We use it and trust it so much we incorporate it into our Purchase Contract.


What are BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin?

 BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin, are potentially toxic artificial preservatives that are included in many dog food brands.
  These may cause our pet dry skin, allergic reactions, dental disease, and poor health, as well as cause adverse effects on liver and kidney functions.
  BHA is Butylated Hydroxyanisole, and BHT, is Butylated Hydroxytoluene, these artificial preservatives are added to oils to slow down deterioration. BHA and BHT (as well as ethoxyquin) are found in numerous pet food brands, including Science Diet (even their prescription diet product line) and lower-grade brands like Alpo and Pedigree, in the place of vitamin E.

Ethoxyquin is a chemical preservative (and possible carcinogenic) regulated by the FDA as a pesticide. Not allowed in human foods, it is  used in many pet foods.

Red Flag words and ingredients to avoid in foods

 Non specific named Meat or Meat Meal and Bone Meal
By Product  ( Of ANY KIND ) Also Meat By-Products, Chicken By-Products, etc.
No Specific fats, Oils, Meats (examples) Vegetable Oil, Meat Fat, Poultry fat, etc.
Unspecified Grain Sources
Brewers Yeast (unless of high end human grade)

Brewers Rice
Corn, Corn Meals, Corn Gluten, Corn Oil, Corn Syrup,
Soy, Soybean, Soy oil, etc
Wheat, Wheat Gluten, etc
Any Hulls, Artificial Colors, Coloring, and Dyes, Chemicals
Vague ingredient names of any kind
Onions, Grapes, A lot of Garlic, Apple Pomice, Grape pomice, Citrus Pulp
Some other items to stay clear of include:

Artificial Dog Food Preservatives and Chemical Additives: 
Artificial Colors and Flavors
Blue 2, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, and any other such dyes.
Any flavors that do not mention the specific source, e.g. “meat broth”  
Sweeteners....  sugar, sorbitol, sucrose, fructose, glucose, ammoniated glycyrrhizin, propylene glycol. xylitol 

Nu vet plus and nu vet joint


  Details/To Order:   Or Call 800 474-7044 to order and use Code # 58617 

best breed grain foods whole dog journal approve 2018


Best breed has great oat and rice formulas.

Our puppies always do well on the puppy formula and our pack adults love all formulas.

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete


An excellent food we have used for over 14 years with great success. The fat ratio to meet protein is exceptional as compared to other dog foods. 

Stella n Chewey




 It was an Honor to have placed one of our GSD pups, Riddick, in His home with Ellie Scott DVM. We are happy to recommend Dr. Ellie if you are looking for a Caring, Loving Veterinarian.

She has a genuine love and expert knowledge for animals.

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