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Our Present and past breeding dogs have never had any Genetic or Congenital:

Cancer, Heart, Eye, EPI, Thyroid, DM, HU, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Displasia, Liver or Teeth Issues.    This can easily be verified by our Wonderful veterinarian of over 14 years. 


            We show OFA Documentation  when you visit to pick up your puppy.

             OFA Excellent, Good, Fair means that NO Hip Dysplasia was found 

                Our past, retired Goldens can be found on our Retirement page

Picture: Our grandaughter, Cheyanne, visiting with a Golden puppy and her Uncle at The Home.

Picture galleries can be found at the bottom of this page as ,we get them .


Alzimm's King Cyrus the Trumpet


 He has an excellent background of Field, Show line and a little cream. 

 6- OFA Good Hip Certifications are in His 3 generation  Pedigree

Stud male : Cyrus , Aug , 2019


This boy is wonderful having a very loving temperament and gentleness. he has already produced some awesome pups with our Jovina.

Cyrus: Medium - dark Gold


We are excited about the future potential with this guy.

 Multiple Swiss and Findland imports are in His background. 

Samantha jane v alzimm


   Sammy: OFA Hip: Good  

OFA Cardiac Normal  

Sire:  Kyler  OFA Hips Good 

Dame:  OFA Hips Fair OFA  Cardiac  Normal
 Half Sibbling: Jovy OFA Hips Fair  OFA Cardiac  Normal

dame: sammy


 Sammy is our Vibrant, Happy, Beautiful  Girl that we have raised her here since birth.
She is at least as dark as in her pictures and at times even darker.  
​She is also within the Breed Standard. 

dark red girl


Sammy is a loving, vibrant girl that we have raised here from birth. She has produced beautiful red pups ans we look forward to see what she and Cyrus produce in the future

Zoe lee Anna v alzimm


Zoe's sire, Kyler has OFA good Hips and OFA cardiac Certification. 
  Her Dame has OFA Fair hips and OFA Cradiac certification
        Sibbling: Sammy OFA Hips Good --- OFA- (C) Cardiac normal
Half Sibbling: Jovy OFA hips Fair --- OFA -(C) Cardiac  Normal  

dame: zoe


Our dark red girl has been raised here from birth and has produced gorgeous babies.

very dark red


We are excited to see what Cyrus and Zoe produce in the near future

Sophia's Little jovina V Alzimm


Puppies Due Soon !

 Jovina is  OFA Hip: Fair Certified  and OFA  Heart Certified

 Normal Sire: OFA Good Hips  

Dame: Jovy Pictures Aug , 2019


 We are so very proud of our Happy , Sweet, Lovely Kyler/ Sophie Girl .She has always been a sweetie and has produced wonderful puppies 

Dark red Kyler/Sophie Girl


Cyrus and Jovy have already produced a wonderful litter