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 Sometimes the unexpected turns out to be a Spectacular Thing !

                                              Goldensheps have a Special Place in Our Hearts

We never thought , when we got our first ooops litter that our attitudes would change so dramatically. Pure bred Goldens and GSDs will always be the priority in our breeding program. but sometimes, nature has other lessons to teach. As our veterinarian has advised us, With all the Environmental Estrogens and other issues in the animal world going around today. the Cross Breeds will always come through because of the stronger genetics. Don't let anyone confuse you. These cross breeds can
​carry mostly German Shepherd traits or Golden Traits or a balanced blend of both. There are no assurities one way or the other. 
Several families who already had one of our Purebred GSDs or Golden Retrievers came back for a golden Shep and love them just as much !

                                                                      Cross Breed Dog
A one generation, 1 time Breeding of 2 purebred, including AKC Registered Dogs. This way you know exactly what possible traits you are getting from each parent.

All purebred dogs of today are a result of generations of cross breeding, out crossing and heavy inbreeding. ( Breeding very close relatives repeatedly to obtain a like produced puppy) Much of this inbreeding continues today in the claimed high end champion lines. (Simple research will verify this). This has also had it's downfalls bringing in genetic disorders that responsible breeders try to breed out today. This is where the cross Breeds Excel in weakening these poor traits from generations of continued inbreeding,
I used to be one of the self acclaimed pure breed only Enthusiasts myself but due to the learning experience of my first accident litter, I have realized how biased and wrong I had become. I now take a newer, more open view and have learned by experience that not all new things in life are bad. Change can be a good thing, especially when it comes down to the Gene pool of dogs

                      Starting with Health Proven Sires and Dames
Is Paramount in producing quality puppies for you to enjoy . Therefore we at Alzimm will continue to do our best in working with the best for breeding dogs that we can get.

           Improving  the Pure Breeds will always be priority here at Alzimm.
However, not everyone who wants a puppy wants to go the Pure Breed route and they should be afforded the opportunity to go their way and obtain a healthy puppy and companion without having to conform to another's ideals and demands.

           Golden Sheps are known to be Confident, a little Stubborn, Gentle yet   very watchful over children. Good reports have come in from our Golden Shep families confirming good Health, Quality, Ease in Training and Sound Temperament which is always a  priority with any puppy

      How our Golden Sheps started.  Our GSD, Kobiri, was in a kennel run with our GSD girl, Tashina, next to our Golden girl Jovina. My hubby got out to the kennel just in time to see that Tashina was holding the fence up that they had worked loose and that Kobiri was in the next pen, breeding Jovina. I was one of those , snub nose in the air breeders that would NEVER breed "mutts" like this and I called my vet in a state of frantic panic. I really felt that my whole reputation as a breeder was finished. My vet started to laugh and said, " I knew that would happen some day. She'll be fine and have 9 puppies" , And she did. 9 beautiful black and black/white babies arrived that changed our kennel and attitude forever. We went on from there to learn even  more about Cross breeding, (Breeding two pure bred different breeds together) no they are not "mutts", they are not" Hybrids " . They are Cross Breeds and thorough more research , reaffirmed that all of the Pure Breed dog breeds have been produced from Cross Breeding. Increasing Knowledge and understanding about Cross breeding and genetics, bloodlines , etc, has greatly changed our attitude and that has become a great blessing to us.

       One family, who had been looking for a Golden Shep for a long time, flew in from Boston and he went home with them in his own plane seat sitting next to his new family. They Had looked for a Golden Shep coming from 2 AKC pure Breeds for some time to make sure they got what they were looking for. They also wanted him because they could not have A GSD in the home unit they lived in so this was their way of "sneaking" one in.

        By the way. Golden Sheps are now being used for Police work and Guide dogs. They are considered to be Gentle Watch dogs. 


        We can say that we are  thankful for what all has happened with this kennel and that we have all been Truly Blessed by the unexpected.

Our only Goldenshep girl

Esther is our black goldenshep girl we have kept from one of our cross breed breedings  to breed with Cyrus. This will give us a 3/4 golden and 1/4 German Shepherd cross. We are excited to see what pups they produce in the soon coming future. Pictures coming soon.