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Coen: Koli and Cloe Goldenshep Male

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 Hello Vickie,

It’s been a while and I thought you might enjoy an update on Coën and his progress.

He is about 80 pounds now and absolutely gorgeous. Everywhere we go, people compliment us on his looks. He is an absolute sweetheart and incredibly friendly especially with kids. Teenagers walking home from the nearby school are always stopping by our fence to give him a quick pet or run along the fence with him. He’s definitely no guard dog, we needed him to be as friendly as possible to do his job. 

He loves to run around our yard and play ball, playing with other dogs, playing hide and seek around the house and with puzzle toys. He is a little odd though, but in a good way, such as he wants you to hold something he’s chewing on. He takes care not to chew your hand but it is a bit strange in the first place. He also loves hanging out with my cat. He’s really given her a confidence boost which has been fantastic to see. Before Coën came home, she used to hide for hours if the doorbell rang or if someone came over. Now with him, she just sits on the steps instead of hiding. His presence has also cut down on the amount of stray cats hanging around the house which has calmed my cat down some as she is very aggressive to other cats. Having strays lingering around used to stress her out so much. They both lay down at the backdoor and look outside together and play quite a bit. 

When it comes to his service dog training, he is doing fantastically. He is incredible, he really is. So calm, so confident, always ready to go. He beats us out to the garage and will wait impatiently for us at the car door. He bounces off the walls with excitement the moment I get his vest out and start getting him ready to go. While he is ahead of schedule, we’re trying hard to make sure he’s not getting over worked. He’s still young, we don’t want him to burn out so he only goes out about 3 times a week for a few hours. But I have to say, his days “off” can be hectic sometimes as he just wants to go, go, go until he finally crashes into a nap. He absolutely loves to retrieve and carry things for me which is great considering I drop a lot of things. He gets a little prance in his step when he gets to hold something or I ask him to go grab something for me. We actually occasionally have an issue with him handing me things I just set down. It’s not a terrible problem but sometimes I have to put a bottle on the table 3 times before it actually stays on the table lol! He’s currently learning how to wake me up at night and to alert me if the fire or house alarm is going off as well as the doorbell. He’s also started learning to press buttons for elevators and opening the automatic doors. 

He went to OSU main hospital with me for a doctor appointment yesterday and did fantastically. He’s such a great hardworking dog, he really is.

Some times, a Super, unexpected, wonderful team shows up and this one is no exception. Thank you Holly for all of your hard work and for allowing others to see what phenomenal guys these Goldensheps can be.

We look forward to seeing what Coen accomplishes in the near future and beyond.



Thank you Coen



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Great Job Darla !


Goldens and Goldensheps do very well together.



Lovingly owned by Kelsie...This guy can put on a face :)



Even Golden sheps think they are lap dogs.

Neiko one fantastic guy !


Great job Bev S. 





Always ready for fun



Perfect for gentle protection


Perfect for love


 We could not have this page without all of the wonderful comments and pictures that our terrific puppy families send to us. 

Thank you so much ! 

 Pippa's Story 

      We celebrated Pippa's 1st birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  I cooked her a nice steak to celebrate :-)
Pippa has definitely turned our world upside down, but in a very good way.  When we traveled to your farm to meet her, my husband almost changed his mind when he saw how big the goldens and shepherds were.  We never had a dog and he was a bit intimidated.  You did a great job answering all our questions that day (and even now!).  You said the most important thing in a dog was temperament, not size.  So true!  Pippa is a great dog.  She really has the best of both breeds--the loyalty and watchfulness of a shepherd and the friendly, playfulness of the golden retrievers.  (Plus she is the cutest dog!) Now Pippa and my husband are "best buds." She greets him every day after work like he's a rock star.  This puppy always seems to be smiling.  I hope you saw the pic of my husband and Pippa at her AKC Star Puppy class.  She passed!  I hope to train her as a therapy dog.  For now she has a way of drawing our whole family together.  We all like to sit around together and play and pet her in the evenings.
      Thanks for taking care of Pippa as a puppy.  She was obviously well-loved and cared for.  She is still a healthy, happy dog!
       I will continue to send updates and pics, and I hope the parents of the other golden shepherds in Pippa's litter do the same.  It's fun to see her brothers and sisters growing up!
Warm regards,
Kelly W. & Pippa


Just thought of you randomly and giving an update on Mya the golden shepherd 
She is one year old now.
She is 65 pounds and beautiful shades of black, brown, blonde, and gray.
She doesn’t like bodies of water but loves the hose!
She’s my best friend and I’m convinced the best dog ever.
Protective and observant of every little thing. 

 We have 2 wonderful, beautiful doggies! Thanks to you and your wonderful pack!! The golden shep, is such a wonderful breed, you get the best of both breeds. Jed is so so smart, he just acts like he understands everything you say to him, it's unreal how really smart he is. Redmond is smart too, but there is just a difference between the 2. We feed taste of the wild, bison and venison formula, for snack they get a few green beans, and only homemade treats, by me!!! Lol..Thanks for such great pups, we love them dearly!!! I would do it all over again, no regrets here. 
Take care!! Brad and Darla H.

In a few months will be a year since we picked up Miss Lily from your place. She has turned out to be such a wonderful dog! She is trains very easily and was fully potty trained by 6 months. The vet believes she will not get too much bigger but at a year old she weighed 65 pounds and still has a lanky puppy frame.

She is great with guests and children, as we entertain a lot. She does have some anxiety when it comes to trimming her nails but nothing some peanut butter and soothing atmosphere can't fix. I would absolutely recommend this breed for younger couples and as a first dog. 
I hope all is well!

Olivia M 



update on Eleanor:  she is an amazing dog, well behaved and easy to train. She loves to cuddle and just be with us. She is almost 10 months old now and weighs around 60 pounds.

  ( Pippa)
Hi, I was just checking out your webpage. It's been really fun to see all the other pics of the golden sheps in Pippa's litter. Pippa is doing well. Very healthy. My husband is her favorite, ironic given how nervous he was about getting her on day one! Just wanted to say hi and hope things are going well. Hi to all Pippa's brothers and sisters too 🐶 !
Kelly W. 
 (Stan Lee James)
StanLee is from your first oops litter. He is the GREATEST dog ever! Protects the family and plays with the kids. He LOVES to snuggle and give kisses. I couldn't ask for a better dog. He loves everyone, other dogs, cats, and all Lil critters. He carries the kittens around the house in his mouth. Startles people who visit and don't know him that well lol. My friend brought her 10 week old baby here and he smothered her with kisses! His health is great and I couldn't imagine life without him. I don't have a lot of great pictures of him because he bounces around too much lol. He is extremely smart, obedient, gentle, and loyal. Thank you SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo much for this beautiful boy!!!
Nichole P.


Hi Vickie. Wanted to share some photos of Tuukka (too ka). He is doing great, learning a lot: sit, down, shake, high-5, time for bed (walks in kennel), he knows some toys by name, and he is a great retriever. He has been pottied trained since we got him. Only one mess in the house and that was when it was a downpour and he didn't want to go out. (Didn't blame him, neither did I). Last time he was weighed was June 25 and he weighed 25lbs, when he got his 3rd shot. He has issues with picking up rocks and digging but we are watching him and working on those bad habits. Walks are doing better, he likes to hold onto the leash at first then he let's go. He has been getting 2 mile walks in daily, will increase the miles as time goes on. 
Thanks so much for a great addition to our home. We love him.
Carrie S.                                                                                                               


Hi Vickie,
Brewski is doing very very well.  

He seems to handle all types of food that we have given him fine.  We feed him Blue Buffalo (puppy at first, and now he’s on the large breed adult formula.  He seems to prefer the taste of the basic formula, but never had stomach issues with the regular formulas).
Brewski is as healthy as a horse.  He is still very high energy, at almost 14 months old.  We have had no health issues at all whatsoever.  The vet says that his hips are perfect, and he has been cleared for short runs with Mom. He was neutered at about 7 months of age, and we have had no issue with marking etc.  He weighs about 75 lbs, maybe a few more since last weigh-in.  He is still has the lanky adolescent build though, so we expect he will fill out more.  I think his build looks more like a shepherd, with the powerful shoulders and the hips dropping lower than the shoulders.
As for temperament, the only ‘issue' we have had is barking at strangers.  We did want to have a dog partially for the purpose of deterring theft/break-ins, so we haven’t really done a lot to discourage the behavior.  It’s a bit annoying when we have guests over, but he usually will just bark for a few minutes and then he becomes best friends in no time. This is pretty much exactly what we wanted.
It is evident that Brewski is highly intelligent and very driven to please.  He is quick to learn new tricks and commands, and seems to have a very good attention span.  He gives good eye contact and is very observant too.  He does try to push the boundaries with us, like any adolescent, but he corrects quickly, especially with the use of a ‘gentle-leader’ head halter.  He travels very well in the car.  We have made a few road trips to Canada, which is an 8 hour drive, all in one shot.  He is very well behaved in the car, and just lies down in the back.
Brewski is very strongly bonded to the two of us.  He is a very loving and affectionate dog.  He is gentle and gives lots of kisses!  He loves for our little ‘pack’ to be together on walks and outings to the beach.
I feel that we got the best of all worlds with Brewski!  The affection and playfulness of the retriever, and the loyalty and intelligence of the shepherd.  We get so many compliments on his appearance; he is a gorgeous animal with beautiful flowing black fur and a lean muscular build.  I have attached some pictures.  We are very happy with our purchase!
Thank you so much for all of your help again! 
Leah, Matt & Brewski