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We could not have this page without all of the wonderful comments and pictures that our terrific puppy families send to us. Thank you so much !

Oh the many joys of a vibrant Field Golden Retriever


Written Testimonials are shown further below underneath the Past Goldens Slide Show

Meisha: Going on 14 years and still loves her swimming pool..... June, 2019


Thanks Tammy S. for the update. We still miss her and enjoy your updates.

Way to go Meisha !!!


welcome to ur Golden retriever testimonials Page

Sometimes Special people come into our lives


One of our Greatly loved Alzimm Families has 4 of our Goldens. 

Cooper. Sam , Kira and Finn...

They keep things around there hopping for sure 

And Little Finn makes 4


Little Finn, our Cyrus/Jovina boy is the 4th addition and He has them all spoiled very well.

 Thank You Jerry and Family ! 

We have Field Goldens: Bred for Hunting,Service work n more

Meisha and her daughter, Molly Ann Lovingly owned by Tammy S.


Meisha was adopted from us when she retired by our good friend , Tammy S. 

Meisha is currently almost 14 years old as of June, 2019 and still in very good health. She homes with her Daughter (shown) Molly Ann and their sidekick, 2nd chance. 

And 2nd chance makes 3


And of course, 2nd chance just has to be the clown of the family.  We are so proud of you Tammy !!!

He is a gorgeous Kenley and TJ boy and is in perfect health.

We are so proud of you Tammy . Love You !

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golden retriever testimonials


Welcome to our Golden retriever Testimonials Page

We could not have this page without all of the wonderful comments and pictures that our terrific puppy families send to us. Thank you so much !

Below are e very Few of the many Testimonials we have received over the years.

 Hi Vickie!
I can’t believe it’s been over three years since we saw you and picked up our pup Mason. We wanted to pass along a few pictures from our engagement session and wedding in September. Mason is fondly known as our puppy-son and has been the best thing that has ever happened to us!
           Thanks Russ and Brooke and Congratulations

Hi Vickie!
Just wanted to give you an update on Scarlett .. She is truly amazing!! We couldn't be any happier with her :). She went to the beach for the first time this weekend, and couldn't get enough of the waves and digging holes in the sand! She's super happy and healthy and brings a smile to everyone's face! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for letting us be the lucky ones to get to take care of her!

  Hi Vickie!
It's been almost a year since our little Kenley/Jovina boy was born---we named him Koda and my sister named his sister Scarlet.
We cannot imagine life without him. He has been happy and healthy from day 1 and we get compliments on his looks (especially the color and smoothness of his coat!) and personality everyday. He is a silly boy and LOVES playing with tennis balls and swimming in the ocean. It's funny because he loves the water and swimming but bath time is not his favorite. He is beautiful and has grown to already 70 pounds! He is also very smart and loves to learn new tricks. 
He also looks a lot like his sister, Scarlet. They get to see each other a couple times a year. They definitely remember each other-and they will spend a week together this July!
Just wanted to send you an update pic of Sonny Maxwell. He is so adorable and well mannered. 
We could not ask for a better pet. Sonny Maxwell is in his 5th week of puppy training and is coming along quite well. 
It is a challenge keeping up with his energy but we are still very happy to have him in our family.
Thank you for breeding the best of the best.
I included some new pictures for you.  That is Sam in the pool.
 Cooper is the "Intellectual one" with the glasses on!
 Thank you for all your help!  We have 2 great dogs!
I can hardly believe it's been two years already! Samson
is doing great! The happiest, friendliest, most outgoing dog I've
ever met. No one can help but falling in love with him the second they meet him! We celebrated his birthday tonight by playing fetch and swimming in the creek for hours, his two favorite activities! I've attached a couple pictures of our little man to show just how far he's come, one from the day he came home and the other taken this
Best, Nate & Samson  

Just a quick note to let you know that Sam is doing great and her and Cooper are doing very well together!  Cooper is once again running for the door, stopping, looking back, and checking that Sam is following.  It is very fun to watch.  They enjoy one another and play well. Thank you again and again!  Enjoy the pictures.
Vicki, I wanted to let you know that Molly is the sweetest thing
ever, she is so spoiled already. We have not had no problem training her, she goes outside really well.  I am so thankful that we traveled so far to get her.  I would  recommend you to
anyone. Thanks very much, Tammy and John

have sent a friend your way that is in the market for a golden. 
Her name is **** *****.  Her daughter is friends with my oldest daughter. I hope things are going well on your end.
Thanks again for such a wonderful dog!  We LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! Take
Care - Kelly
has attended her first "puppy training class" last Sunday
and did very well.   The trainer was very impressed with
her behavior and her "willingness" to learn.  She said
she seemed like a "very well adjusted" puppy.  I told
her we had a GREAT BREEDER!  Thank you again for being so
thorough with the raising of your litters.
is going well.  Loralei is starting to learn her name and now
knows the word "no".  She and K-Fed are best friends. 
They play gently with each other and cuddle with each other. 
Everywhere one goes, you can bet the other will be following. 
They're adorable.  

is doing extremely well. I'm at heart a German Shepherd person, so you know this is high praise when I say that Mickey may be one of the most intelligent dogs we've ever owned! That combined with the natural Golden sweet temperment is going to make him an outstanding dog. Here are ththings he already can do at 3 months: Sit and wait for his food (he can eat only on my command), sit on command, down on
command, retreive anything thrown for him, bring it back, sit and release object on command. He also rings bells at the front and back door when he has to go potty. Any accidents truely have been our fault for not watching him well enough or responding to the bell ringing. He is also wonderful at the recall. He comes running to me at full speed on one command and sits in front. Training him has been effortless!All in all, we are very pleased with Mickey. I can hardly wait to start obedience class with him. All my life I've wanted a
great obedience dog and Mickey may turn out to be that special dog, he certainly shows great promise already.If he is like the other pups in the litter, then I'm sure you are getting glowing reports on all of them! (R.H)
  Just a quick note to let you know how "the kids" are doing.  In
a word - great!   They are happy, funny, goofy, well adjusted
dogs that are a joy to be around.  THe one picture gives you the
stark contrast between Cooper and Sam.  The other picture
illustrates recently just how good they can be for a treat.  They
are both very healthy and happy.  
  A funny little story.  We are out for our walk.  A man in a
car pulls beside us and asks " What kind of dogs are they?  They
are beautiful.
  I tell him they are Golden Retrievers. He
looks puzzled.   He says, " I thought Golden Retrievers
were much bigger and much lighter in color?  I had to tell him
that what he was looking at is the original version of Golden
Retriever, not the "newer versions".  I am not sure he
believed me, but it does not bother me.  I have the best golden
retrievers and I know it!  Sam is training well, but I must tell
you she is a bit more stubborn than Cooper, but she is learning well.
Again, I cannot thank you enough.  These guys are a joy
to be around (most the time)

Sorry to bombard you with so many emails lately! 
Samson and I just got back from his annual check up and thought I'd
let you know that he's got a perfect bill of health!  Because
we've moved since his last appointment, today was his first time seeing his new vet.  You will be happy to know that he's won over yet another one.  Once again, the vet and all of her staff had nothing but compliments about our big guy.  From his color, to his teeth, to his amazing temperament, they couldn't help but gush.  Hope all is well!
Thanks again and I can't wait to
meet the new pups! Nathan & Samson
Sending you the latest pictures of Tai.I want to let you know that Tai is the
best dog. He is a happy fellow with the most
loving heart. He's smart, funny and has become my best friend.   I guess you've figured out that I love him tons. I am so very grateful that you and your lovely dogs have come into my life.
Thank you so much.
Love, Mary
Vickie, this is John and Tammy S., I know you meet alot of people.  We came from Pennsylvania that year, and bought Molly Ann, she was the last female left. I can't tell you enough how amazing she is, and beautiful.  I think we told you that we already had two older boys, they are brothers, they are like our kids.  We wanted to share some pictures of Molly Ann with you, I forgot to mention she love's to drive the quad and jet ski, haha!!  May be seeing you again, Thanks again and God Bless!
Tammy S.


Hi ...just wanted to let you know that Jax is doing very well...very ornary and growing so fast!! He's a big boy!!
Amanda C.
Cooper n Maggie
Hi Vicki
My sweet babies...Cooper and Maggie!  Growing fast as you can tell by Maggie's scratched nose playing hard!!!  They love running thru the woods and exploring. Maggie is a digger Cooper is a hunter well Maggie has a very good nose too.  They sleep with me every night and thanks to the great weather we are outside all the time.  I'm sorry I have not sent you any pictures sooner but here you go!  Take care - Traci R.