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Archived and loved past photos


Cheyanne with Anna, her Koda, Furia girl

Aaron, enjoying the babies as he always did

Below: Jodina and Tashi loving bath time.




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Our Grandaughter, Shauna, and Konjo, taking a quick nap  on one of our many Nursing Home visits.

Aaron with Tashi and Konjo


I can't help but wonder what they were planning to get into next 

Tashi ...Tashina


Our grandson Aaron and Tashi had a special bond from the first day we brought her home. The loved exploring everything together.



The hearts of these two not be separated and loved visiting each other when they could.

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Our beloved Helga Shelblina v Alzimm (Shelby)


This girl was my heart throb and never had to have one day of training in her life since the tine we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She was a natural and would come and sit , stay in front of my with just a raise of my finger. There will never be one like her again.



She had excellent lines in her lineage 

Unfortunately, she was poisoned and her life was cut way to early..... We know who had it done and just wish they would fess up and ask forgiveness. 

Leonhaus Kennels


What a joy the day we met Edith Leonard of Leonhaus. She became a wonderful mentor , full of GSD knowledge while we established our kennel. She will never be forgotten.

 Konjo and Tashi were born under her expert care and came home to be with us. Shown is Edith, our grandaughter Cheyanne and Grazia, the Dame of Konjo and Tashi

Edith Leonard


Edith and Gispo:

 Son of   2X VA1 World Seiger Vegas du Haut Mansard  2008 and 2009 

Sire of Konio and Tashi. 

Beartrand V Greenwalt ( Bear)


My first GSD, (1980s) I ever had the honor to be with. My brother trained him  in in just 3 days. He never needed a leash , went fishing with us many times and would sit stay on command and never budge an inch until recalled. He will forever be in our hearts.

One time her found a nest of bunnies in high grass and carried one to me. I raised it and he went with me to watch as we set it free. What a gentle giant of 110 lbs he was.