Alzimm Puppy Reservation Page​

   Purchase Contract Information is Further Below

   Please read this complete Reserve page before getting on the puppy reserve list and before purchasing a puppy. Other information you will need is posted throughout this website. 

Be sure to check out our extra pages of information when you 

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    We do not encourage the Parvo risks involved to our Moms, pregnant Moms and young puppies from "Kennel Hoppers"  . 

We are not a Retail Store. We are a Hobby breeder.

  Because of the risks involved, puppy pick ups or visits are not scheduled until a decision has been made to purchase one of our quality puppies and having placed a Reserve/ Deposit to do so. 

We schedule visits for future litters on puppy go home times only as we  have pregnant or nursing moms on the grounds at various times.

Families who want a healthy, Parvo-free puppy,  understand this and do not mind the wait. 

Alzimm puppies are never placed in a new home, Sight unseen !   Sires, Dames  and Facilities are Always shown when you pick up your puppy. There are no " Surprises" this way.    


  Alzimm is  proud to be a 100% Parvo -Free kennel

         You are always welcome to email or call with any questions.

However, most of what you need to know is already listed on this site.
         Blocked or Restricted phone number calls are not answered.

Puppy Reserve Policies

         AKC Puppies  go home with AKC Limited Pet Registration      

Alzimm is a Quality Pet, Companion, Hobby Breeding Kennel only and never knowingly  places any puppy with Puppy Mills, Brokers, Retailers, or Flippers. Rights are reserved, by Alzimm, to refuse to place a puppy at any time, with anyone, including at puppy  pick up time, if we feel the puppy would not be going to the right home or right situation. ​        

We retain the right to keep or hold back 1st pick male and/or 1st pick female from any litter, at any time, for any reason.  

To Reserve your Alzimm Puppy

   Once you have finished "Shopping" and have decided that you want an Alzimm puppy,  the information below will help you to reserve that special puppy just for you .

   Any information , that you need, to help you make that decision has been placed on this website. We never ship or meet anyone to "deliver" a puppy so you can be assured that you will meet our pack when you visit to pick your new puppy in order  of reserves having been placed with a paid deposit, on appointment days of puppy go home.

1) Place a phone call to : 419-957-0299  (ask for Vickie) 

  (Some emails are net getting to us. Be sure to call !!!!! )

2) Email the following information using the contact email link on home page.
     Phone Number

a) State Litter you are requesting and preference for male or female 
b) Your licensed veterinarian's name and phone number

  Litter  Reserves are scheduled in order of dates the Deposit/Reserve fees are received. Many reserve well before a litter is born.
   Reserve Fees Are 100.00 to reserve from Any Litter, current or future 

   if paying with personal check. 

 Puppy Deposit can also be paid using Pay Pal

  Total PAY PA Deposit is 105.00
        (100.00 goes to puppy purchase, the 5.00 goes for pay pal fees) 

   Simply click the Buy Now button further below to pay using Pay Pal

                  Cash is always required at the time puppy is picked up

Deposit Information

 Paid Deposits are subtracted from the total puppy price  

 Paid deposits lock in the price for the current litter reserve. 

Placing a Deposit on a Puppy is a promise to purchase and means that you have stopped looking, 

Therefore, Deposits are Non Refundable if You Cancel at Any Time for Any Reason. 

 However, your deposit can be placed on a future litter, if you wish, Changing Litter reserve or transferring the deposit to  another litter  may change the puppy price and/or pick order of reserve.  

Deposit refund Information

 Alzimm Reserve Fees are Refunded If something happens to your born puppy while in our care, or you may choose to have the deposit transferred to the next available litter.

If we don't get a puppy for you from the reserved litter, the deposit will be placed on the next available litter, according to the Deposit/Reserve Terms above. However, pick order and/or price may change Deposits are used to maintain our kennel and any refundable deposits are refunded when we have litters that go home.


Pay Pal Reserve Fee

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Thank you for Choosing Alzimm



All  puppies are placed according to a signed, agreed to,  Purchase Contract .

Details are gone over with you in person when you visit to take your new puppy home.   This allows us to personally help you with any questions that you may have.

Our Purchase Contract  covers Cancer,  Heart  and Severe Hip Dysplasia from a Genetic or Congenital issue. ( Hip Injuries usually show up more in one hip than the other and are not covered )

Death from a Heart or Cancer condition being from Genetic or Congenital issues is also covered.

Puppies are to be seen by your licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of go home day.

Contract Coverage lasts until Puppy's 1st Birthday.



 Alzimm Pups are never shipped or delivered. We require that you personally visit here and see the Sire and Dame when you pick up your puppy to take him/her home.

 Puppies are not "chosen" until go home day by pick order.  This allows for a far better match to your needs and for the Puppy's well being. 

We arrange most of our pick up appointments on Saturdays between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. We do our best to accommodate your special appointment requests. If you ​ can not be here or take home puppy at your appointment time, You have the following options 

1) Choose your puppy by phone and pictures from the ones available per your pick order  

2) Change to a different, future litter. 

3) Come on puppy pick day and choose your puppy and have us hold him/her until a day that you can take him/her home. 

We can not ask others, under you on the list, to change their pick up appointment time because you could not make it.   

  A 10.00 fee per day is charged for each day beyond puppy pick up day that we are asked to keep your puppy for you. 

We do request that you do not visit other kennels, veterinarian offices, pet parks, pet stores the day of your puppy pick up and do not wear shoes/clothes that have been to the other places listed above.       

Children are always encouraged to visit with you. 

However, we request that you leave your fur babies home as this is not the place or time to try to introduce them to your new baby properly. 


1)   AKC  Limited Registration papers  with all AKC pups.  

2) First vet visit, shots and parasite control record  

3)   Pedigree information  (as needed)                

4)  An Alzimm Written Purchase Contract  

5)  Back up advice for puppy's lifetime  

5)   Nu Vet plus Sample  (as available)

6)   Puppy slip lead  

7)  Food samples  

8)  A  puppy toy and Fleece Blankie  

9) All the love and support that we possible can start them with.