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Retired and Always loved


Welcome to our Retired Page

We are firm believers in an Holistic approach to feeding and caring for our pack members.

 All of our past and preset breeding dogs have been totally Cancer-Free

We strongly believe in no early Spay/Neuter.

 We do not use any topical or oral flea meds and have never had fleas or tics. 

We do not over vaccinate and feed the best holistic foods we can along with raw.


Our pack members have never developed or ever shown any signs of  Congenital or Genetic issues. 

We have found that dogs fair better by being able to be outside as they wish and having fresh air and sunshine. To many are kept inside way to much and don't thrive as well. We strongly believe in letting them be the dogs that God created them to be and have seen the fantastic results. We deeply love all of our pack, past and present, and will continue to do the very best we can, as God allows.

Alzimm's Dakoda Bear ( Koda )


Forever a Soul Mate

 Forever my best Friend

We enjoyed over 12 and 1/2 years with this good old boy. He never wavered in his loyalty or love and was bonded to me from the first time i picked him up. 

he never had any health issues his whole life and we lost him to old age, confirmed by our veterinarian.

Alzimm's Furia


 Always in our hearts . Always Loved ! 

Half Sibbling to Nabiri

Furia never knew sickness and never wavered in her lyalty or love. She passed on at over 12 and 1/2 years of age from old age. ( Confirmed by our veterinarian) We will always miss her. 

Alzimm's  Olga Nabiri 12 years, Going Strong and Healthy


Our  dependable Girl. Always waiting on hugs and always loving to hold our hands in her gentle mouth.  

Sire : Urma Von Quartier Latin OFA Hips Good   OFA Elbows Normal
Dame: Uzit v Bullinger (CAN CGC TDI RN TC DNA CH PTD)
 OFA Hips Good


Still going strong at 12 years of age

Kayleyna Justice V Alzimm OFA


 OFA Hips Fair             OFA- (c) Cardiac Normal   

Solid temperament and loyalty that will never be matched !

Kayleyna, Our Koda/Nabiri girl , Raised here from birth

What a sweetheart .We love her.  

(Kyler) Bush Jones Vom Alzimm:  ​DNA   OFA Hips Good


 At 10 years of age,  Kyler passed his vet exam with flying colors and received his OFA Good Hip Rating.

  Kyler has produced  quality puppies , including our own Jovina and Sammy , Cloe and  Zoe who have been raised here since birth. Sammy and Jovina are OFA Hip and  OFA -C  Heart Certified. 

Kyler passed on almost 12 years of age from old age. (Confirmed by our veterinarian)

He never had a sick day or health issue in his lifetime. 




Meisha and her younger Sister, Sophie. These girls are Jems for sure.

We lost Sophie at 12 and 1/2 years old to old age. (Confirmed by our veterinarian)

She never had a sick day in her life !

Except, when she carried a live toad around in her mouth for a day and foamed at the mouth.... A quick rinse with The garden hose fixed that, thanks to the great advise from our vet.

We will never forget our Soph !!!

Sophie's sibling, Meisha is in a retirement home with our good friend tammy S. and is still healthy at almost 14 years of age

Konjo 10 years Healthy and Strong


Our handsome Boy Konjo: 

OFA Hips Good

 OFA Elbows Good

OFA heart (C) certirfied normal 

Kenley OFA Hips Good OFA -C Heart


Kenley, Our Good ol Boy.:

OFA Hips Good

OFA cardiac (c) Normal

Still healthy and going strong. he has never had a sick day in His life to this day !



TJ: Our sweet loving Girl and excellent Mother

OFA Hips Fair

 OFA (C ) cardiac normal

8 years old July, 2019 and still healthy and full of vigor.



Litter mate to Konjo. Bath time was always her favorite time.

Tashi retired out to a good home at 7 years of age and was in the arms of her new Human Buddy, in the hospital, when he passed on from lung cancer. We miss her and will always love her.



Kobiri  Son of  Koda and Nabiri

OFA Hips Good certified at 6 years of age and was placed in a good breeding home.

Kobiri OFA hips Good


Mercedes Our Koda and Furia girl. Doing well at 11 years old


We have never bred her or spayed her and her health is superb. There is a lot of misinformation about spay neuter out there. It is wise to do your own research and see.

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Meisha Going on 14 years old , June 2019


Thanks Tammy S. You are one fantastic lady ! Meish is enjoying her retirement along with her daughter, Miss Molly Ann and their sidekick, 2nd Chance.